A Day of Writing

Sundays have become my day to disconnect and focus on my writings.  I usually devote my day to working on my book projects, after finishing any basic chores I have allotted myself for the day to accomplish.  The majority of has become my day to absorb myself in my blog writing, book writing or marketing.

Choose your day to write

Choose your day to write

At this point in time, I am very close to releasing my next eBook which I hope to be writing about soon in my future blog articles.  It covers the subject of sales management, from a perspective I developed in my years as a sales manager.  I have written this book to impart knowledge of what I learned form those experiences to share with other would-be sales managers.

However, on Sundays now it has become my day to devote myself to writing all day long.  Even though I write throughout the week, and monitor my blogs on a daily basis.  I am writing for my own compassion, and it helps me break from the daily grind of work that I go through during the week.  My daily job in life is quote challenging, and writing is my escape.  It only recently has become my choice to devote Sunday’s to this, and it seems to work well for me.

Perhaps just by sharing this, I could inspire other writers to find their own day of writing.  Perhaps they have other things going on in their lives that prevent them from choosing Sundays, but any day will do.  If you can devote yourself to at least a few hours a day, you can also achieve the same end.  Regular writing, for me helps me see things anew and reach new levels as a writer.  It can be quite inspirational to put that time aside, and do something that you truly love.  I highly recommend it. It seems to work for me anyways.

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