A Walk in the Sun

When you live in a colder climate, like Michigan, and the temperatures plummet to the single digits, one yearns for a walk in the sun.  When summer is here, and I can walk freely around outside with merely a T-shirt and shorts on, winter seems so far away.  Right now in the heart of winter, I really miss those walks in the sunshine.

Cold never seems to bite until one starts to experience the single digit temperatures day in and day out. When it falls

Sunset off Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

Sunset off Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

below that, it is even more brutal.  Living in a northern climate has its challenges, and January through March can wear on ones spirit. I miss the walks in the sunshine.  I miss the beaches, and the hiking through mountains and the feel of a cool summer breeze on a hot day.  What is a hot day like?  It seems so far away.

When I read reports of Sidney, Australia experiencing scorching temperatures a few days ago and I looked outside at the blizzard that was ongoing, it all seemed so surreal. I suppose if one had the means, one could fly around the world and forever follow the perfect temperatures living a nomadic lifestyle.  Perhaps this is the ideal existence?  It would be wonderful to be in a financial state in which to do that.

Today, however, I live in a world right now that is cold beyond comfort.  I am in a profession that ties me to a location. Freedom of movement is a bit out of reach, at least for the moment. Writing for my personal blog like Breath Catch gives me for at least a moment each day that opportunity to escape, and glimpse into the future.  I can think about a walk in the sun, feel the sand between my toes on a beach somewhere far from where I am at present, and watch a sunset and dream about tomorrow.

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