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Michael Delaware, Author

Michael Delaware, Author

Hello, my name is Michael Delaware. I have also always aspired to be a writer, and have spent a great deal of time doing marketing for various companies over the past decades. I enjoy writing about what inspires me, and this blog called ‘Breath Catch’ came from my description of that moment when you find something that really makes you stop and marvel.

I consider that we live in a marvelous age, and sometimes it is too easy to forget to look about one and get excited. These are exciting times, and I hope that I can pass along some of that to my readers.

First, here is a summary of professional information about me: I have been a licensed REALTOR in the State of Michigan with Troxel Realty Co. LLC since 2006, and I live and work in Battle Creek, the Cereal City. I have sold many, many homes, and helped many people to become homeowners. This blog will sometimes include information about real estate, and real estate transactions, because buying a home is all part of the American Dream.

I have published several books which are available on Amazon.  Take a look at my books and my author information:



My Realtor Association Activity include the following:

•Member of the National Association of REALTORS from 2006 to present.
•Member of the Michigan Association of REALTORS from 2006 to present.
•Member of the Battle Creek Area Association of REALTORS (BCAAR) from 2006 to present.

•BCAAR Board of Directors, serving as a Director in 2009
•BCAAR President-Elect in 2010, BCAAR President (to serve in 2011)
•BCAAR Governmental Affairs Committee, 2007 to present.
•BCAAR MLS Committee, 2007 to present.
•BCAAR Professional Development Committee, 2006 to present (Serving as Chair 2008-2010)
•BCAAR Public Relations Committee, 2007-2008
•BCAAR Pro-Standards 2007-2009
•BCAAR Representative for Southwest Regional Information Center (MLS) Specification Committee, 2008-2010.

My Community Activity Includes:

•Volunteer Big Brother for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Southwest Michigan, 2008- 2011.

Annual Contributor to the Binder Park Zoo, 2007-present.

•Volunteering for the Battle Creek Area Association of Realtor activities within the community.

Some of my Awards and Recognition’s in recent years include:

•BCAAR Participation Award 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013
•BCAAR Educational Achievement Award 2007 , 2008, 2009, 2010,  2011 & 2013

I hope you will enjoy what I write here in this blog, and thank you for reading this far.  I also have my own independent publishing company for my books that I founded in 2012, which I will write more about in the future.  For more about my publishing company, visit my website at: www.IfAndorButPublishing.com

For more information about my professional background, check out my profile page at:


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