Baseball Takes My Troubles Away…

Baseball takes my troubles away. Sometimes life gives one worries, and the struggle for day to day existence at times can wear down even the hardiest of souls. Then there is something that brings one relief. For me it is baseball. Especially early season baseball, when the teams are fresh from spring training and are still working out the kinks of the off season.

Listening to baseball on radio inspires the imagination.

Although I have long been a sports fan, something about baseball makes life tolerable for me when times become challenging. When I have to work long hours, and have my day filled with appointments all over the place, I have baseball to take the sharpness off the edges. 

I listen in my car when I drive, I listen with the radio playing softly in the background while I work late hours and can even follow a game online when I am working but having noise would be a distraction. Then there is of course having a game playing on a television, however, I have long been an addict of following the game on radio and using my imagination as the announcer calls the game.

To me, like millions of fans in cities all over the country, baseball is more than just a sport to follow. It is a integral part of the culture, and it is timeless.

Perhaps what is most compelling about baseball is that there are so many ways to succeed in the game. It is a team

Baseball is a part of American Culture.

 sport, but there is always a time for each player in the game to perform with individual achievement. In that way I think baseball in more ways than many other team sports mirrors life.

I go through this spring excitement every year when the new season starts, and to me there is nothing more special than having a baseball game being called on the radio in the background while I carry on with my daily work. If your team has a bad game one day, there is always tomorrow, and a new pitcher will be on the mound.

I remember many years ago when I lived in Atlanta, when I owned a retail business. During that time the Braves were doing exceptionally well. All one needed to start a conversation with complete stranger that walked into the store was ‘How about them Braves?’ and you would cascade into instant conversation.

Baseball, no matter where I go is a part of American culture. When your team is doing poorly, ones jokes about their performance. When the team is doing well, one is proud. Whatever the case, fans of the game still follow the game and are still captured by the magic of the game.

That is why I love baseball, and it not only takes my troubles away, it inspires the imagination.  I have lived in different parts of the country, and these days I follow the Detriot Tiger mostly, and sometimes the Chicago Cubs.  I still have a special place in my heart for many other teams, but mostly I am just a true fan of the game, which I hope will never end.

Baseball has a special magic when one becomes a true fan of the game.

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