Beauty is all around us

Beauty is all around us. It is in the places sometimes you never thought to look.  It can be around the corner, ans surprise you sometimes, such that you forget to notice it.  It is in animals, plants, and art. It is in people, places and things. Beauty has a way of shining through, even in the worst situations and times. It even becomes visible in the most mundane settings as well. Look for it, and it will find you.


Downtown Chicago August 2010

I can make you laugh, and smile, like this simple photo I took of a woman in Chicago who sat

Fireworks on the 4th of July 2010

Fireworks on the 4th of July 2010

down next to a lego statue in a mall near downtown. She was wrapped up in her own deep thoughts, perhaps thinking about her sore knee, or feet from shopping.  the color and the contrast were a beauty in itself, and it made me smile to see it.

Although I did not capture the photo with the vest camera, I did at least capture the moment for moments tend to pass by.

Photography is fun, and it allows one to capture moments, and aspects of the world around one that otherwise might go unnoticed.  The more I look through the lens of my camera, the more I see the beauty in the world around me, and the more I take photos.

Sometimes I forget about the photos and come across them later and smile or laugh.  sometimes I cannot recall the moment, but the photo has captured the magic.

So I always like to remind myself that there is beauty everywhere, and it is all around.  One just needs to look up from what they are doing from time to time to see it and enjoy it. It is often that moment of the day that will make it worth it for you if you see it.

Beauty is all around us...

Beauty is all around us…

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