Blogging as a Life

In my life as a writer, I would have to say that blogging is something that I love to do as often as I can.  If helps me write Choose your own futuredaily, even if I do not want to.  It is the exercise of constant writing that allows one to flow thoughts freely to a page, and communicate content that hopefully interests, educates and inspires.

I am currently working on my third eBook, which I hope to publish on Kindle in the coming weeks via Amazon.  It is one the subject of Sales Management, and draws from my years as a sales manager in Georgia mostly.  It is a new book category for me outside of Real Estate, but certainly taps into my most favorite subject: Salesmanship.   I have been involved in sales since I was a child, and it has been my life.

So my love of writing allows me to also write about my favorite subjects, and share my experiences and in all hopes impart wisdom to others looking for it. I have a lot of fun with what I write usually, and I have to say that my current book project is perhaps the most fun project to date.  I look forward to releasing it soon.

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