Bringing Government Agencies Under Congressional Oversight

There is a very refreshing move in the U.S. Congress right now to bring some of the many bureaucracies under Congressional Oversight.  This is long overdue.  Currently the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is first on the list, but it expected that the many other bureaucracies will follow such as the The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and The Department of Energy (DOE). 

The fact that these agencies have gone unregulated and not required to answer to anyone for so long makes this move by the newly elected Congress long overdue.  Representive Stephen Fincher of Tennessee is leading the charge in this process, and hopefully Congress will continue and cover all the agencies connected with the U.S. Government.

Essentially what happens is that these agencies grow and are allowed to regulate businesses, citizens and commerce and answer to no one.  This kind of activity has resulted in an out of control branch of Government which is not regulated by the people or their authorized representatives.  I applaud this move by Fincher and his newly elected colleagues.  I hope they are successful and cover all agencies currently not under anyones control.

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