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All-Natural Health Benefits of Beets

Beets are one of those foods that might surprise you with their hidden All-Natural health benefits.  Beets can help lower blood pressure, in a matter of hours.  There was once a study done where candidates drank beet juice, and their blood pressure has fallen by as much as 4-5 points….

The remains of a once grand tree stands against the backdrop of a morning sky in Michigan.

A Forgotten Tree of Yesteryear

I was traveling through the rural community of Dowling, Michigan in my work as a Realtor recently, and paused to take a photo of this tree with its backdrop against the morning sky.  It was not what one could consider to be a living tree any longer, although there does…


Lake Effect Snow: Trapped on the Corner of Winter Street & Cabin Fever

Lake effect snow began falling today in Southwest Michigan.  It started last night, but picked up early this morning.  It tends to bring about a claustrophobic sensation in me every time I experience heavy snow fall.  I do not know why.  Perhaps it is deep rooted in the sub-conscious fueled…