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Winter River View in Michigan

Today when I was traveling around a little North from where I live I came across some wonderful conditions again for photography.  Taking some time to admire the beauty, I thought I would share this image with my blog readers as it to me was worth it.


The Beauty of Christmas 2013

Yesterday on Christmas Eve my wife and I took a drive and spent several hours just taking photos of the beauty around us.  Earlier in the week there had been an ice storm, and the days that followed were peppered with snowfall.  On Christmas Eve the clouds left for awhile,…

Amish Winter

Winter Visions

In Southwest Michigan we are frequently subjected to snow storms during this time of year.  Last week I was driving through one rural area, and the intensity of the storm I was driving into began to increase.  At one point along the road, I happened upon an Amish buggy with…


Crossing the Winter Threshold Into Forever

When you are a kid, you look forward to snow.  You do not mind the cold, you like that it is slippery and that you can compact it into balls and toss it at your sister.  Having lived my childhood in a warmer climate in Arizona, winter snow was a…

The Haunted Romanian Forest episode on 'Destination Truth' will make you catch your breath!

Walking in the Woods

A few years ago I created a lot of videos about my adventures in the woods.  This video posted here is one I created about walking the trails of the Fort Custer Recreation Area near Augusta, Michigan.  It was a wonderful afternoon, following a slight rain fall which made the…

Hint: Think 'fuzzy' in the foreground.

Can You Find the Squirrel?

There is a squirrel hiding in this park populated by geese, trying to fit in and not be recognized. Can you see him? Did anyone notice he was there?  By the way, our squirrels in Battle Creek are jet black.  Supposedly imported from elsewhere.

The remains of a once grand tree stands against the backdrop of a morning sky in Michigan.

A Forgotten Tree of Yesteryear

I was traveling through the rural community of Dowling, Michigan in my work as a Realtor recently, and paused to take a photo of this tree with its backdrop against the morning sky.  It was not what one could consider to be a living tree any longer, although there does…

The Ultimate Air Dog Competition

Dogs With Hang Time

I thought I would share another of my favorite videos that I ever made today. It is a compilation of dogs jumping in the ultimate ‘Air dog’ competition that I attended some time ago. It was a fund summer event as part of a dog show, and the dogs would…

Tekonsha, Michigan

Tekonsha, Michigan

Driving through small communities like Tekonsha, Michigan always reminds me of the classic community spirit of America’s past.  This small community boasts it is a ‘Small village with a big Heart’ on its signs as you enter.  The village population has remained in the low 700’s with a slight increase…

Nashville, Michigan architecture.

Architecture in Nashville, Michigan

I enjoy taking photos around in the smaller communities that I sometimes travel in.  Today, I had to make a drive up to Nashville, Michigan to photograph some property for a client. It was a cold morning, and the air was a crisp 9 degrees when I headed out.  The…


Taking in a Sunset

Sometimes when you are driving, you have to reach over for your camera and snap a photo.  I know that is how it goes with me as a photographer.  I love to keep a camera handy, as you never know when life is going to show you something that makes…


Combating Drug Trafficking in Michigan

According to the department of Justice in Michigan, the largest threat to the State in terms of drug trafficking is the production of methamphetamine.  Primary trafficking routes consist of the major highways through the State, including I-94, I-69, I-80 and I-75.  In a report published in 2010, the major drugs…