CNN Demonstrates Their Democratic Bias Against the Tea Party in 2009 & Ignores Violent Demonstrations by OWS in 2011

In 2009, following the multi-billion dollar stumulus package pushed through by a Democrat controlled Congress, Senate and White House, common people took to the streets all over America.  They called themselves the Tea Party, in reference to the founding of our nation when the Sons of Liberty through tea into the Boston Harbor in protest of British rule, and ‘Taxation without representation’. 

To give it a slant of being a negative thing, a CNN Reporter took it upon herself to attempt to broadcast live from a peaceful protest in Chicago, and imply that it was a something terrible to witness.  What she did not realize was that her broadcast was being filmed, and the power of YouTube would expose not only her biased coverage of the event, but also what occured when the CNN cameras stopped rolling.

Take a moment to watch the video below, and after watching it, compare it to the current ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests occuring right now.  See this link of a typical OWS approach to their demonstration, and their unclear reason for being there.  Watch this clip on the violence that broke out on October 14th, 2011, and although the crowd is claiming the police started it, the police seem to be the only ones calm during the incident.

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