English Tea Time

I had the opportunity of going to England last October on a business trip with a company that I work for.  During that Englandtime, I stayed at a very beautiful countryside hotel that had previously been a monastery at one time.  It was a very old classic building remodeled by a Canadian hotel company operating in England, and the quality of the space was wonderful.

I soon learned the joy of having tea every afternoon I was there, and this became a wonderful part of my day.  I began to look forward to it, and it is perhaps the one thing about England that I so miss.  The

London, England - October 2012

London, England – October 2012

hospitality, and common acceptance of the importance of the civility of a quality afternoon tea instead of the conventional ‘lunch’ that we come to accept in the U.S. was my favorite part of the experience.

Here is a photo of one of the tea times I had alone, when my friends were all in their rooms napping as they struggled with the jet lag of the time differences.  I learned that I needed to carry on as much as possible, and soak in the experience of the trip with every possible waking hour.  So unlike other trips I have made to Europe, I abstained from the napping that sometimes overcomes one with the time change on this trip.  Instead I went for walks, and enjoyed English tea time.

At one time while there, I made the journey to London by train with some friends, and enjoyed some shopping.  I also found a classic red phone booth that so many visual depictions of London conjure up in ones memory from movies, and photographs of the country.

All in all, my experience in England was delightful, and it perhaps the one place in the European area that I desire to return to again in the future.  I certainly look forward to that future time where I can again enjoy my English tea time, and this time with friends.

English Tea Time is what I look forward to when I return.

English tea time is what I look forward to when I return.

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