Entitlement Nation: The Things No One is Talking About

I want to show you a photo in this blog post which I consider exemplifies the entitlement mentality our country in the USA has eroded into.  Take a look at this photo with a car parked in the handicapped parking area of a local Wal-Mart.  Not only does this person get to park closer to the front of the store than any other shopper gets to, but they felt so entitled to these spaces that they parked their car to take up three spaces.

I actually saw these people return to their car, which indeed had the handicapped sticker on it.  The man walked right

Entitlement mentality will lead our nation to a total economic collapse.

up to the car with another woman, and they got in and drove off.  There was no wheel chair, walker or cane.  There was no limp, no crutches or wobbling of the knees or any other visible physical condition which would lead one to consider either of these people to be handicapped.

Interesting isn’t it?  Having been a Realtor for over 6 years now, I have also spoken to many young people who are seeking to buy a home.  When we get to the point of discussing their income, they explain that they are on social security and disability.  This seemed odd to me that someone so young could be allowed to receive social security checks, however, I later learned that bills were passed in Congress that allowed people were disabled to receive social security benefits.

I later had an experience when I was putting a sign in a yard for a new listing.  A young man approached me from across the street.  He asked me about the house, and I explained to him the loan requirements for some of the first time home buyer loan programs.  He explained to me that his income was disability income.  This puzzled me as he was ambulatory and seemed to be in good physical shape.

Moving forward in time, I spoke with a friend who is an intake counselor for an drug rehabilitation facility.  He explained to me that there is an epidemic of drug addiction happening in our nation, with a growing percentage of the population being placed on psychiatric medications. The psychiatric field is so loosely defined and does not rely on physical testing (such as blood or other tissue testing) to determine a mental condition.

It is a field based solely on the opinion of the Psychiatrist involved, and the usual routine ‘remedy’ is a prescription of a drug as the solution.  Many times the Psychiatrist can label someone with a condition within a mere few minutes in an interview.

Entitlement programs paid for with tax dollars, help fund drug addiction.

He explained to me that drug addicts learn the ‘symptoms’ of what will get them this label and prescription, and share it with each other.  They also willingly go into the Psychiatrists office and get their label so they can get the drugs.  Additionally, with the label of the condition, it allows them to apply for ‘disability’ benefits from the U.S. Government.

No one seems to call attention to this problem in the press.  Millions of people who twenty years ago would never have been eligible for disability and social security benefits are now receiving benefits, and they span all age groups.

Additionally there are now government programs for free housing, and for the number of children a single mother with low income has.  I have a tenant who deliberately got pregnant so she could receive the additional income benefit from the State for having an additional child.

We have grown into an entitlement nation.  No one seems to want to confront this openly.  The ones that do are viciously attacked and told that they are uncaring, and want to throw old people out on the street.  No one in their right mind wants to throw elderly people and truly disabled people out on the street.  However, when the government gets into mandating and regulating charity, corruption ultimately creeps in.  The system has so many holes in it that it allows anyone with a creative imagination to get a free hand out without rolling up their sleeves to do something in life to earn it.

Call me crazy, but my parents raised me with the idea that I should make my own way in the world and not ever

The money will eventually run out…

expect anyone to give you anything.  I knew it was up to me to earn my way, and have been a self supporting adult since I was 18 years old when I left home.  So this may sound like I am a mean person to those who read this.  Consider this: Who is meaner, me, or the person telling others that they cannot do it themselves?

At some point such an entitlement system will collapse the nation.  It cannot sustain itself.  Eventually more people will be in the ‘system’ getting a free paycheck then those paying into it.  Even if the government prolongs this for another decade or two by borrowing money from China, some day the loan payments will not be able to be paid as there will be no one left to pay into the system.  Then some foreign entity (such as China or England) will foreclose, and goodbye entitlements, liberty and your quality of life.  Think about it the next time you see someone whip out that EBT card at the grocery store.  The free ride will only last so long before it runs out of gas.

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