Finding Inspiration in Small Things

Finding inspiration in life sometimes is not easy.  As a writer, I love to look at other people, things around me and events that happen in my life.  Sometimes it the simple, or small things in life that inspire me to write about it.  Although it may not seem like an event that serves the importance of getting noticed, if someone takes notice of it, it somehow gains a little more importance in the grand scheme of things.

Orange berries

Sometimes it is the small things in nature that if you look up at them close, you see their beauty and color. Sometimes it is something that you may have ordinarily passed by.  However, look at these orange berries on this small branch that I photographed last summer.  Do you see their color and desire to be noticed? Perhaps this feed birds, and transfers their sees to continue life anew. Whatever the case, it is quite beautiful in a close up.

Finding little things in nature can be inspiring, and fun.  I often like to go on walks in the woods, and bring my camera and zoom in on the little things that sometimes go unnoticed. I often find some pretty interesting things through the lens of my camera.

There is such artistry in the world around us that often goes unnoticed, and it just requires a closer look sometimes to see it.  If you take the time now and then, you might find some additional inspiration.  Things that are out there surviving on their own level like you are, just in a different way.

Nature Inspiration

Inspiration is sometimes all around us, one just has to look for it.

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  1. meister60 says:

    I agree, stopping and taking a look at all the beauty around us is a grand way of feeling appreciation and gratitude. I am often in the woods, although your pics are much better than mine, and i feel peaceful and “connected” as i wander…not to mention the awesome clean air here in the Catskills of NY….

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