Hockey Represents a Modern Day Clash of Titans

I love going to see a hockey game. I even enjoy taking my video camera with me to capture some of the action. Living in Southwest Michigan, Hockey is a part of the culture here.

Photos of a Kalamazoo Wings Game taken in February 2011.

Children will often get involved in hockey at a local arena, as it is essentially one of the few team sports one can partake in during the winter months in most areas. The cult following of this sport has reached national headlines on many occasions, most notably getting attention during the 2008 Presidential campaigns when Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced she was a ‘hockey mom’.

There are a lot of hockey mom’s around the country, and a lot of dedicated fans that follow the sport. In Michigan, the professional team is the Detroit Red Wings, which has been one of the few winning sports franchises coming out of the Motor City in decades.

There are also a lot of smaller leagues, ranging from A, AA to AAA across the State. Battle Creek Michigan has a team that is a member of a small league, and they play at the arena in downtown. I have included one of my favorite videos I created a the bottom of this blog. 

Hockey is an exciting game, and every league has a different level of regulation and enforcement of the rules.  Like a

Kalamazoo Wings Vs Toledo Walleye February 2011

 modern day clash of the Titans, hockey has many facets to to a game, from agressive physical contest, to fast moving action on ice, and even a few all out fights that pause a game now and then and makes fans cheer. 

Hockey to me is a facinating culture, and not being a native to this culture myself, I am still learning it.  Hockey is a modern day clash of Titans, and it makes for one of the most action packed sports to attend as a spectator or even to participate in as a player.

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