Iowa Caucuses Draw Nearer & The Media Tosses Mud

Every week it seems in the newspaper, the media is trying to tell Americans who of the Republican candidates is leading in the ‘polls’ as we approach the Iowa Caucuses.  Does anyone really care what the media says on this election anymore?  I mean, in the new age of the internet, haven’t they lost a lot of ground on influencing the public opinion through television? 

I have taken time to look at most of the candidates running for the Republican nomination, but I must confess, I have not looked at all of their websites, or studied all of their campaigns.  I will say though, that from all I have heard from the candidates running, there are many qualified candidates running.

I find it interesting that the media systematically attacks and attempts to belittle, polarize and execute the new front runner each week as the campaign moves along.  One week it is the Rick Perry attack, and the next it is an attack on Mitt Romney.  Most recently there was the carefully and timely orchestra of the implied sexual assaults by candidate Hermn Cain, however, none of the so called ‘witnesses’ offered much credibility or verifiable proof that the incidents they accused him of occured.  In my opinion, he should just sue each and every one of them for libel and slander, and make them cough up to a judge who paid them to suddenly come forward and launch this timely assault on the man.

Of course the media cries the bleeding heart about the issue of womens rights, and how awful sexual harrassment is, but when John F. Kennedy brought Marylin Monroe into the White House, and Bill Clinton lined up the Lewinskies, Flowers, etc.  they just turned on the women and never the candidate. 

I think the American people with who lived through the Clinton years know full well they gave him a free pass because of their sympathies to the Democratic party.  Also, there is the accusation by Larry Sinclair on President Obama himself that they have never embraced as heartily as they did the weak accusations recently thrown at Hermain Cain.

Lately the attacks have narrowed in on candidate Newt Gingrich as in this recent article on Yahoo.  I find it interesting that they ignore the fact that Gingrich was the only Speaker of the House in recent history to balance the budget four consecutive years while in office.  No Speaker has done that since.

Isn’t it interesting to see how the media finds a new target each week to throw mud at as the Iowa Caucuses draw nearer?  It makes me take a stronger look at the candidates they are viciously attacking and want to support them.  The main reason is if the media finds them important enough to attack, then these candidates probably have the most likelihood of defeating Obama in 2012.

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