Lake Effect Snow: Trapped on the Corner of Winter Street & Cabin Fever

Lake effect snow began falling today in Southwest Michigan.  It started last night, but picked up early this morning.  It tends to bring about a claustrophobic sensation in me every time I experience heavy snow fall.  I do not know why.  Perhaps it is deep rooted in the sub-conscious fueled by loneliness and isolation, which is the feeling it tends to bring Heavy snowabout.  Snow does have a natural way of slowing things down, dampening sound, and otherwise isolating you doesn’t it?

I started reflecting on this today when I looked outside at the deepening layer of snow accumulation on my car.  Wondering how much time I had before I would have to shovel to be able to return it to the driveway where it sat before I embarked to work.  All of these thoughts tend to race though my mind, in addition to it being a slow moving day because it is a national holiday today as well.

I thought about going home early, or just not going into work.  These thoughts tend to circle my mind whenever this happens.


Having some freedom as a Realtor to make my own schedule allows me some flexibility, but there are always commitments that get in the way.  Trying to isolate and shake the sensation of entrapment that heavy snowfall brings is challenging, as the source is elusive.

There is no relief, even with avoiding it.  The only marginal relief I have ever found it through focused creative energy, and thus I write this blog post today to share my thoughts on this matter.  Some call this ‘Cabin Fever’ and it always reminds me of the Jimmy Buffet Song ‘Boat Drinks’ where he sings “I just shot six holes in my freezer… I think I’ve got cabin fever… somebody sound the alarm…” My freezer is glad right now that I do not own a gun.

So here I am today trapped on the corner of ‘Winter Street’ and ‘Cabin Fever’ with a restlessness I cannot easily shake. Have you ever experienced this sensation?

Heavy 'Lake Effect' snow triggers within me a sensation of cabin fever that is difficult to shake.

Heavy ‘Lake Effect’ snow triggers within me a sensation of cabin fever that is difficult to shake every time it happens.

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