Land Contract Homes for Investors by Michael Delaware

I have written a second book recently entitled ‘Land Contract Homes for Investors‘ which is now available as an Amazon eBook for Kindle. I wrote this book as a follow up to my original book on the subject called: Understanding Land Contract Homes in Pursuit of the American Dream.  This second book takes on the subject of what an investor should be looking for, and how they can measure the success of a Land Contract home.

It also gives them a unique perspective on examining the investment potential of Land Contracts or ‘Contracts for Deed‘ as they are sometimes called. Knowing the component parts of a Land Contract, how to screen an applicant, and what to expect with capital gains tax is just some of the information covered in this book.

More importantly the book opens with an examination of profit versus purpose in the field of investment real estate, and gives the proper focus to a investor who is seeking to make this their main activity. One can become quite successful with investment real estate, and selling homes on Land Contract offers a very stable and sound return provided one follows the advice given in this book.

New investors and old will gain new ideas from reading this book, as is also covers tips on marketing the homes, including how to write an ad that pulls in a greater ratio of qualified buyers.  It also discusses legal issues, including default and protecting ones investment, as well as making sure you make the contract legal to protect yourself.  If you apply the information in this book, you will learn how to make the investment successful even when your buyer goes into default, and you have to start over.

So there is a lot that investors will gain from reading this material. Both books combined will offer a a unique and broad understanding of this type of seller financing and its potential.

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