Memories of Ludlow Porch

I lived in Atlanta, Georgia from the Mid 80’s through the late 90’s.  On a local radio station, WSB, there was a long running popular daytime show by a Southern humorist who called himself ‘Ludlow Porch’.  His real name was Bobby Crawford Hanson, and his step brother was the popular Southern humorist ‘Lewis Grizzard’.  

Ludlow Porch was a popular Southern radio humorist for over three decades in the Atlanta area.

Ludlow’s radio show consisted of a variety of funny topics, crazy character callers (Many that Ludlow set up to call in at first, but later it caught on as a popular thing to do), and wacky songs, guests and other forms of entertainment.  Ludlow himself owned a local restaurants called the ‘Blue Ribbon Grill’ and this of course was a frequent advertiser on his show. 

There were many regular caller on his show that were characters.  One was an old lady with a high pitched voice that claimed to be in her 90’s and loved to run around naked.  Ludlow of course was always encouraging her to put clothes on, lest someone call the police.  Another popular character was a old man that ran for sheriff in a small rural community, and he was good friends with Ludlow.  He would always call in with crazy events happening in the village, and it always left you laughing. 

It has been many years since Ludlow retired from the air, and I have forgotten many of the characters over the years. 

Ludlow Porch was also a popular author, and had a local restaurant called the 'Blue Ribbon Grill'.

 I remember one named Skeeter and another whole was a snake oil/medicine man salesman.  All of it was light hearted humor, and the pranks were endless. 

Then there was the humor of Ludlow himself.  One time he came on the air and said that there was a court rulling that found all the marriage licenses issued in Georgia within a certain date range was found to be invalid, and that all the children born to these marriages were now considered Illegitimate.  That lit the phone lines up!

Another time he came out and carried a story that the NCAA College association made a ruling that all the universities were required to have different mascots, and that the University of Georgia was not on the top of the list, so they would have to choose a different mascot than the Bulldog.  Ludlow wanted listener feedback on what the new mascot should be, and the phone lines blew up with upset callers for hours! 

So Ludlow knew how to pull a subtle prank, and get everyone stirred up with good fun.  Over the years Ludlow published several humor books, including the “Fat White Guys Cookbook” and another book called “Who Cares about Apathy”.  He was always available for speaking occasions in Georgia, and had developed quite a following. 

Today, sadly it was announced on the Neal Boortz show that Ludlow passed away this morning.  I will always smile and chuckle when I think back to the days when I would be working in my workshop at my place of business, with the Ludlow Porch show airing in the background.  Those were simply wonderful shows, and fun times. 

Thank you for all the memories Ludlow!  You will not be forgotten.


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  1. James Litchfield says:

    Do you have Ludlow’s Good Morning song “Good Morning, Good morning. I hope you’re feeling well..Good Morning, Good Morning, you look like hell….”

    1. No I do not, but I do remember it now that you mention it.

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