Miracle Dog

Daniel was a beagle who was intended to be euthanized.  He was a stray, dropped off at an Alabama Humane Society.  The Humane Society can only hold a certain number of dogs at a time, and on that day, 60 dogs had been dropped off.  A decision was made that 18 dogs would be placed in the gas chamber.

Daniel went into the gas chamber with the other dogs.  The chamber was filled with carbon monoxide, and ran for the required amount of time to terminate all the dogs inside.  The one exception was Daniel.  When the door was opened, Daniel walked out wagging his tail. 

How did he survive when all the others did not?  This was a gas chamber.  He was supposed to be terminated.  A religious perspective would suggest that god has other plans for him.  He can been called the ‘Miracle Dog’ and rightly so.

I find this an amazing story, and one worth sharing.  Sometimes a miracle happens, and other times perhaps they are made.  I think Daniel made his own miracle.  Perhaps he climbed on top of all the other dogs, and breathed fresher air near the top, as carbon monoxide is a heavier gas and would reside at the lower portion of the chamber.  Maybe he was just in better health, being younger. 

Still, one could also speculate that it was his own intention to survive that carried him through.  He walked out wagging his tail.  Nothing can stop that dog, or silence his will to live.  I think Daniel is fantastic.  We could presume he never gave up, or perhaps like Peter Sellers in the movie ‘Being There’ he was just there, and survived as he never was in fear or knew that he should not.  Simple pehaps, but sensible.

He was allowed to live, and was adopted be new owners.  An amazing story, and one that makes you catch your breath.


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