My Journey as an Author in 2013

In the past year I have not written as much as I wanted to this blog.  The main reason is that I have been busy with releasing books I had been working on for quite some time.  I decided to dedicate a good portion of this year toFollow Michael Delaware in Facebook! producing and releasing books that I have been wanting to write.

So far this year I have released 10 eBooks, and have converted six of those titles into paperback books.  I have another two paperback books due out before Thanksgiving. So see a complete list of my current works, check out my author page on Amazon:

A Sample of some of Michael's booksYou can also visit my newly established website for myself as an author:

I also have launched a Facebook business page as an author this year, and that is:  Finally if you are on Goodreads, please be sure to follow me there at:

Now that I have completed some of these projects, I will be blogging more often.  The two books I will release before Thanksgiving are my books on Land Contract Homes, which I have had many demands over the year for a print edition.

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