Night Air Show Spectacular

The night air show in Battle Creek, Michigan on the 4th of July weekend was spectacular.

Last weekend I attended the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival held here in Battle Creek, Michigan.  My wife and I were going to see the evening fireworks, and a display of hot air balloons. 

One of the surprise features right after dusk was an evening airshow where pilots flew planes that emitted sparks and flames, and shot fireworks from their wings.  It was a spectacular event to watch, and I managed to capture a great deal of it on video.  I posted the video last weekend on YouTube, and it has recieved a lot of views over the week. 

It was a lot more than I was expecting.  I thought I would share that in this blog, because it was definitely a ‘Breath Catch’ type show.
To me this was one of the amazing highlights of one of the largest events held in Southwest Michigan during the Independence Day weekend.  If you ever have a chance to attend the evening shows during this festival, you will most certainly enjoy it.


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