‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protestors Nullify Their Own Movement

The crowds of ‘protestors’ who have occupied Wall Street and other downtowns of cities around the nation in the past month have overstayed their welcome with many locals, and in doing nullified their own movement. From vandalism, to creating overtime and problems with the police, to recent stories about fornicating and defecating in public, they have created the opposite of their original intended objective.  One protestor even defecated on a police car.

Spawned from an idea that all they needed to do was remain and create a disturbance in one location long enough for citizens and governments to bend to their demands, they would achieve victory.  But what are their demands?  This is where is gets cloudy.  They claim to be against Bank of America for loans and the foreclosure crisis.  They do not want to pay back their student loans.  They even align themselves with anti-semitic groups to create an ‘effect’ and gain attention.

The various protestors interviewed seem to have no uniform theme.  It appears they want the following: To not have to work (This appears to have been achieved, as who has that much time on their hands to camp out in a park for a month?), To be able to be forgiven of all their debts, and to be able to do as they wish to whomever they wish without accountability, embracing violence, vandalism and vagrancy as a means to get a message across.  Additionally, they want government assistance, regulation and intervention in all things from cradle to grave. 

Calling themselves ‘Anonymous‘ in some rallies, their members hide behind any definable statement of who they are, and what they really want.  A similar internet organized group calling itself ‘Anonymous‘ conducted similar cyber-terror attacks against Fox News, the Church of Scientology, the  Westboro Baptist Church, the Oregon Tea Party, the Australian Parliment, and other groups a few years ago when they claimed to have a diverging viewpoint.  Several members of this group were eventually convicted of cyber-crimes and vandalism. 

As you can see by this live video (one of many on YouTube) that their numbers are few, and the only way they have gotten attention is to have a few girls take their shirts off on New York City streets.

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