Oh! To Be Able to Play Football Again as a Kid!

Oh! To be able to play football again as a kid!  Have you ever has such a thought cross your mind?  I certainly have, especially most recently when I went to watch a 5th & 6th Grade football game in the crisp autumn air here in Battle Creek, Michigan. 

It was the final game of the season, and my little brother from Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) was playing both as an Offensive Lineman, and also a second string Defensive lineman.  He was so enthusiastic throughout the game, and proudly records six tackles throughout the game I might add. 

However, as I watched I could not help but be taken back to when I wore a similar helmet and shoulder pads when I was his age.  The feeling of the grass between your fingers waiting for the snap count.  The clash of helmets in sheer force.  The cletes on my feet giving traction or not, depending on which end of the baseball/football field your line of scrimage was at the moment…

Oh! To be able to play football again as a kid, without the wear and tear of the years!  Knowing if I got out there right now I would be so sore in the morning… However, I can day dream about it in my mind, and see myself carrying the ball across the goal line… 

Football.  The cool fall air, and sound of the huddle, and the clash of the gladiators.  Football.

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