Overcoming Loneliness

Overcoming loneliness…  Have you ever had to deal with this to such a degree that it is akin to a daily haunting of your soul? Overcoming loneliness can be a very difficult hill to climb, and it can be very difficult to deal with for many.  Man is a social being at his core. People as much as they claim to not need company sometimes, require social interaction now and again in order to feel connected.

Overcoming LonelinessOvercoming loneliness can be particularly challenging when a loved one is no longer around.  Whether it be through death or estrangement, losing a loved one that has found a center place in your heart can result in a morass of loneliness that can be unbearable.

Some deal loneliness this better than others.  One could say there is no absolute cure for it, but there are ways to overcome the constant ever-present unbearable feeling.

Here are some pieces of advice to allow one to regain a sense of oneself:

Tips on Overcoming Loneliness

1) Find unconditional companionship.  This can be through a friend, family member or even adopting a pet.  Animals can be a great company and offer loyal unconditional friendship that can warm your heart.

2) Fill your day with things to do.  Clean house, take on fix-it projects in the home or hire onto a second job.  Sometimes volunteering at a charitable organization can also be rewarding.  Filling one’s day with activity will keep the mind in stimulation, and stave off the ghosts of loneliness.

3) Avoid drugs or alcohol as a solution.  Drugs, no matter if they are prescribed by a doctor or taken off the street can often worsen he condition, and lower an individual’s mental awareness and also create physical problems.  Alcohol and drugs have never been a successful resolution to overcome loneliness, and it usually makes the condition worse.

4) Find a creative outlet.  Perhaps you play music?  Or draw or paint?  Maybe you sew or bake? Waling the Dog Perhaps you do not do any of these things, but you could try.  Learning something new that you have never tried before can be rewarding and engaging.  Art, music, culinary creations, etc. all allow one to use their spiritual energy to bring to life an idea and enhances imagination.  These kinds of activities can be invaluable to overcoming loneliness.

5) Exercise.  Get outdoors.  Take a walk around the block once a day.  Go for a walk with your dog, or join a gym and work out on a tread mill or take an aerobics class.  Find an activity that gets your body in motion daily.  If it is summer time, go walk around an art show, sporting event or the zoo for example.

6) Turn off the television.  Better yet, get rid of it all together.  Avoid sitting in front of the television, as it does not offer mental stimulation and can become an addiction all on its own that will serve to isolate one and increase loneliness.  Pick up a book or go have tea with a family member or friend instead.

7) Join a group you have common interests with.  Whatever interests you, find a group you can be a part of.  In every community there are sports teams, volunteer groups, charities, clubs, etc.  Choose one that requires you to physically go to a meeting place and interact with people and make friends.  Online groups are okay, but there is still that separation and distance created by the internet.  It is preferable to join a group that allows you to meet people face to face.

Overcoming loneliness is not solved with idleness and solitude.  It is solved by engaging one’s mind in the world around you.


Man sitting on bench photo credit: Crowded city story via photopin (license) & dog walk photo credit: _MG_1175 via photopin (license)