Living the Magic: A Walk on the Lighter Side

Living the Magic: A Walk on the Lighter SideWe spend our days walking through this world with our daily trappings and responsibilities, but quite often we forget to live.  In early spring while it was still cold outside, and the winter seemed like it would never end I wrote and published a short book entitled ‘Living the Magic: A Walk on the Lighter Side’.  It is a collection of ideas I felt important enough to share to do my part in helping others look at life a little differently at times.

So often we get caught up in the struggles of life, and forget to step back and look at the world around us.  We were able to do this as often as we wanted when we were children, but somewhere along the line as adults we lost that ability.  I wanted to try to recapture that magic in myself when I wrote this book, and so I went through all my pleasant memories and experiences I considered were life’s lessons and gathered them together.

To my surprise the book has been well received.  The book is available both as an eBook and in paperback on Amazon.  You can order a copy here if you like.