Recall Elections & Recounts Cost Money

It has long been my opinion that the effort to push for a recall election is not only useless, it ties up the court systems and cost tax payer dollars.  One incident here in Michigan happened earlier this year regarding her personal beef with the re-elected Michigan Speaker of the House Jase Bolger.  She decided that because he voted on an issue in a manner that she did not like, that she should organize a recall election to oust him.

Recall elections remind me of vultures sitting on a fence waiting to pounce.

This is fundamentally impractical, as it takes so much time in gaining approval and getting signatures, and in doing so costs the tax payers money for the time it ties up the court systems.  Additionally, but the time she got it approved, it would cost the tax payers additional money statewide to run a special election, and the man would be up for re-election in two years anyways. 

The additional thing that irks me is the ‘request for a re-count’.  This always smells of corruption if you ask me.  It sounds like someone wants to stuff the ballot box, and create a different outcome than was determined by the local board of canvassers. 

The costly impact is that it requires the newly elected official to wait, or approach their new position with uncertainty, and therefore delays them from ever getting on with it and serving the people who elected him or her to a greater or lesser degree.

I find these approaches to be quite annoying, although I understand why people do them.  However, when it is clear that they are just sour grapes about the outcome, it annoys me.  There is a definite differene between asking for a recount when the vote tally was within a few votes, and when it is a gap of over 500 votes.  That is when it becomes foolish.

I would say the same for an organized recall election.  If you are doing it with a Senator who serves a six year term, than is one thing.  I can even see if for a judge who might serve an even longer term depending on the State.  But a position that is only a two year term?  Isn’t that why the term was made so short to begin with?  To provide for a regular change of representation? 

Yet the Democratic party organized in Washington after the 2010 election to convince activists from all over the country to go back to their respective states and launch recall efforts on key Republicans.   Tying up tax payer dollars in the court system, and wasting tax dollars at local levels for re-balloting, etc.  Alas, it gave the media fodder to print, so perhaps that was the reason.  Like vultures sitting on a fence waiting to pounce.

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