‘The Art of Sales Management’ = My New eBook

Cover concept FinalAMy newest eBook is now available on Amazon.  It my third book overall, and it is by far the largest project I have done so far.  It is called: The Art of Sales Management: Lessons Learned on the Fly.  It covers my years as a sales manager in Georgia, and taps into sales experiences since then spanning four decades.  It was an idea for a book that I first considered fifteen years ago, and finally got around to writing.  The book is completely different from my other Real Estate books in that it addresses the training of sales people, and managing techniques.

I wrote the book to be lighthearted in nature, and it is an attempt to get sales managers to see the fun side of managing the greatest people one could ever manage.  Sales people are by far in the most challenging profession there is, as they have to compete day to day for the consumers dollars with whatever product they are selling.  They experience the ups and downs like no other profession, with daily losses and huge successes, and everything in between.  It takes a special person who can endure the vagaries of such a life.

This book is a breath catch for me in itself.  It is my first personal book that I have sought to write for a very long time.  My other two books were more technical, even though I have updated themjpg_vector-baseball since their first releases with new layouts, etc.  The Art of Sales Management however is a book that combines my love of sports and aligns it with the day to day life of a salesperson, and the lessons one learns as a manager.  It covers a lot of information that is not often covered elsewhere, such as how to conduct sales meetings that get successes.  How to expand your seasoned core of people, and how to resolve commission disputes amicably.

There are many dynamics to this book, and I hope you will take an interest in it and tell your friends about it as well.  If you would like to get yourself a copy, please click on the image of the book and go to Amazon today.

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