The Incredible Possibilities of Being Immortal

I was having a spiritual and philosophical discussion with a colleague the other day on the subject of life.  He was surmising that one lives, and that when one’s time has come, they die.  Further, he was expressing the idea of a divine plan for an individual, and that whatever that plan may be, when his time comes, it comes.  He used the example of a recent tragic news story of a child being killed by a car, trying desperately to wrap his philosophy around this incident as being part of some divine master plan.  Essentially that one lives, follows the given plan, and then is no more, although he did not seem entirely certain on his conjectures.

Some ideas will isolate you from others if you express them.

Some ideas are not well received, and will isolate you from others if you express them.

After hearing some rebuttal’s from another colleague about his example, he turned to me asked me my take on this topic. I responded by telling him that there are really two concepts I would submit.  One, that bodies are fail things, and they do not endure, despite the best efforts of men, and thus can be destroyed or killed.

The second point was that we are not our bodies, but eternal spiritual beings and are therefore more than we have been taught to believe.  This kind of thinking is not often well received, and will isolate you from others if you express this in certain company.

I went on to explain to him my viewpoint on this.  That one’s life is not a preset plan, as that would insinuate we are all on some sort of automatic boring existence.  To come to this conclusion, one must therefore conclude we have some control over the outcome of our lives.  The actions we take or do not take, the things we do to others, or fail to do, all has an impact on our own outcome and future.

Eastern philosophy and religion have a name for this that predates modern western religion and this concept is called ‘Karma’. What you do to others will at some future date come around to get you.

Embrace this with the random action of the universe, and the probability of accidents happening, one can see that there must be more to this mystery.  There is.

Imagine the chains that would fall away if one realized they were truly immortal?

Imagine the chains that would fall away if one realized they were truly immortal?

Instead of living just once, as we are so often are told in western religion, what if it were revealed that this is only a partial truth.  Yes, we do live once, as expressed in Western religious beliefs, but it is not the lifetime of one body.  That is the lie.  We have never stopped living.  We live from body to body, eternally traveling through time.  When a body dies, we pick up another, and move on again with living after a brief pause. Crazy as this may sound, it is based on a long system of beliefs in Eastern religion.

Think about this for a moment.  If you live forever, and only your body dies, does this not change the entire fabric of our world?  Consider this, if everyone really understood this, there would be no more suicide.  What would be the point?  Also, people would be more interested in changing things in government for the future of coming generations, not for the gratification of the present, simply because it would be very real to them that it effects them!

Gone within a short while would be the shameless politicians and fake leaders.  A new generation of passionate future oriented leaders would rise to power eventually, and those that survived in politics would have to be future oriented, or they would be cast out.

Imagine what it would be like to see things differently.

Imagine what it would be like to see things differently.

Also gone would be any health system that sought to do harm with addictive drugs, and the system itself would become much more spiritually oriented, rather than body oriented.  Drug problems would likely vanish over time as well.  Wars would probably dwindle too.  Sure one could argue an army that is not afraid of death is deadly, and therefore would be willing to die as they knew they could come back.  That may be the case, but after a time, this game would too grow old, as no one would care really if bullets were used to forward a political objective.

Imagine the possibilities of this?  The serenity of just being, and realize that one is being alive.  No fear of death.  Immortality would be the realized philosophy that brings peace and understanding.  Of course, such a movement would be feared from those who want to keep mankind in the dark, and all efforts to keep man from knowing this would be in full force.  The slave masters would not want to give up their slaves.  Heaven forbid the slaves ever realizing that their chains can never bind them the minute they realize they are immortal.

For one to truly adopt this view, one cannot help but have compassion for those who would remain in the shadow of the former school of thought on this.  Thus there is not any other route than kindness for those still with no knowledge of all of this.  Until one can raise their awareness to see this as well, one could also suffer loneliness, which is perhaps the only true chains for one who is immortal.

Despite this, imagine the possibilities if one were not alone in this belief, and that others adopted this view and were growing every day?  Imagine the possibilities of that!  Much better than the ‘destiny-of-one-life-to-live-and-then-go-to-heaven-and-look-down-upon-everyone-else’ concept.  However, everyone is entitled to their own ideas.

This is just a philosophical point of view, but for a moment imagine how the entire game of life would change if you became aware of being immortal?  Imagine the things you could learn, understand and do!  The possibilities are endless, and you would be too.

Imagine the possibilities...

Imagine the possibilities…

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