The New Year is Here! Welcome to the Future! 2013

Every time we come to this point in the year where an old one ends, and a new one begins, it always feels like a launch into the future somehow.  Even though, it is really just a flipping of the calendar day in actual fact. For me, coming into a New Year inspires me to look at the coming month ahead, and seasons.  The holidays are officially behind you now for awhile, and it is time to focus on the goals and plans for the coming year.

If your do not choose your own goals, someone or something else will do it for you...

If your do not choose your own goals, someone or something else will do it for you…

Do you have plans?  Do you have goals?  Better get some!  If you do not, someone else or something else will write them for you. Nothing in this universe last long on auto-pilot, it eventually crashes into the abyss. So, if you do not want to wind up in a ditch not of your own choosing, I suggest if you have not already done so, take a moment in your New Year’s Day to write down some targets and goals for the future.

Do not worry about how crazy they may sound to someone else, or how imperfect they may be to you.  Even if you just have a sketchy idea on some of them, and even a more vague idea on others, write them down!  Remember, you are just writing them down, you will work out how to do them later.  Just start with writing down your goals.

Once you have down that, and feel good about it, then start with one goal and work out sub-steps on how you will get there.  Let’s say you decide you want a new job, different from the one you have.  Well, what would be the steps you need to take?  Do you need to start with the classifieds?  Or do you need to go to school for additional training?  Or so you simply need to go tap some old friends on the shoulder and ask around?

These steps are targets on the way to the goal, and there can be many.  The over all write up is a ‘plan’.  You should write down a plan for every goal.  some will cross over, and intertwine with each other.  That is expected.  The main thing is you will at some point realize that you are in control of your destiny, and experiencing the joy of living! Welcome to your new future!  Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year in 2013!

Choose your own future

Welcome to your future in 2013…

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