The TSA on the Roadways Will Bring American Commerce to a Standstill

The recent news story that may not have gotten a lot of national attention on the TSA expanding their searched to the roadways in the State of Tennessee opens up the doorway to a massive erosion of American rights and freedoms even further.  Currently, if you want to fly on an airplane in our country, you must endure either an undetermined radiation body scan or an invasive body search to go on an airplane

The TSA on the roadways will eventually kill American commerce.

 Today, if you do not want to experience this your option is to not fly, and take an alternative form of transportation, which usually takes longer to get there.  Now, new possibilities open up for the invasion into your lives by the TSA with their moving onto the roadways of America in random searches on the highways of Tennessee.

Imagine what kind of a society TSA Secretary Janet Napolitano might envision with this new concept?  Let’s explore a possible scenario. 

Assume for the moment that you are driving to a wedding.  You and your wife are all dressed up, and running late.  You are driving on the roadways of Tennessee, and you are pulled over for a random TSA search.  You are asked to step out of the vehicle, remove your shoes, empty your entire car to run your luggage through a portable metal detector they conveniently have on a truck. 

Then you are asked to walk through a full body scan, as TSA agent crawl all over your car with flash lights and bomb sniffing dogs.  Your wife refuses to cooperate with the body scan.  You have to wait by the roadside for a female TSA agent to arrive with rubber gloves, as you look at your watch as the minutes tick by.  It starts to rain, but you are not allowed to return to your vehicle, and you are not allowed to touch your luggage that is now out of your car getting soaked from the downpour.  

What would happen if the TSA expanded their searches to what they currently do in the airports?

As a gesture of government ‘courtesy’ are handed an umbrella from an apologetic TSA agent.  Thirty minutes later, a female agent arrives and completes a body search on your wife.  You are both ‘cleared’ by the TSA to continue on your journey.  You return to your vehicle to find the presents you had in your trunk for the bride and groom have been opened, searched and are soaked as well.  You wife begins to cry, and you nervously continue your drive down the roadway to the wedding as you try to convince yourself this is all for the better good, and you are somehow ‘safer’ with the TSA taking these actions.

Welcome to the future of the TSA moving to the roadways.  Don’t think it can happen?  Think again.  10 to 15 years ago would you have believed that you would have to undergo so much of an involved searching process to simply get onto an airplane? 

I do not know about you, but I can remember running late and arriving at the airport fifteen minutes before my flight, and with a little jogging, still making it before it left.  I can remember getting off a plane, and seeing welcoming committees and hugs, kisses, and warm greetings as you exited into the waiting area.  These days are gone, and scarcely remembered.

If the TSA is allowed to expand their ‘terrorism’ witch-hunt to the roadways of America, what will the roadways of our

The roadways under TSA rules could destroy American commerce as we know it.

nation look like in 10-15 years from now?  Will we have military checkpoints every so many miles like Bagdad? Think of the billions of dollars of delay to American commerce from slowing down the road transportation systems if this happens. 

Do you think food, gas and goods are expensive now?  Wait and see how crazy it can get when you have a nation that is afraid to drive from State to State!  Isn’t this what the goal of the TSA mentality ultimately is?  Keeping America not moving

In my opinion, the ultimate goal of all of this is to see Americans afraid to travel anywhere, and bring our previously fast moving country to a standstill like a stagnant swamp.

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