To the TSA, We Are All Terrorists, Until Proven Innocent… As Freedom Slowly Dies.

I am sitting here right now as I write this at the Tampa airport after having gotten through the new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security system.  It has been over six months since I have flown on an airplane.  I had heard about the changes to the system last November, but I had not experienced it first hand until now.  Not only am I enraged beyond comprehension, I thought I would pull out my computer and begin a blog on this as it is fresh on my mind. 

To the TSA, we are all terrorists until proven innocent, as freedom slowly dies.

I usually never do anything between flights, but I am compelled by this issue to do something about it.  For the past decade we have been told what we saw on the television screen on 911 was an act of terrorism, and that we all need to be on alert.  Over the past decade more and more of our freedoms have been subsequently taken away, under the guise of ‘protecting us’ from terrorists. 

To date, no terrorists have been caught by the TSA people, and we are then led to believe it is because of their effectiveness that this is the case.  If you travel nowadays on an airline, you are expected to capitulate and undergo a radiation intense scan that not enough medical information has been made available to verify long terms damage to health.  If you opt out, then you must undergo a humiliating pat down whether you have been charged with a crime or not. 

Thomas Jefferson once wrote: “Experience hath shown, that even under the best forms [of government] those entrusted

The airport terminal in Tampa. Where I was groped by the U.S. Government.

with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny”. 

Today we have a government progressively with a slow operation turned air travel into a tyranny.  People either sacrifice their health, or their dignity.  To the TSA we are all terrorists until proven innocent, as freedom slowly dies.  Even if proven innocent, we all remain suspect. 

Before anyone gets onto the stump and proclaims the age old argument of the terrorism being prevented is worth the price, let’s run this back earlier to where this all began. 

Ask yourself these questions:  Did you see the plane fly into the buildings on 9/11?  Did you really?  Or did you see it on T.V., like millions of other Americans?  I sure did.  My wife was on Manhattan when the events went down, and very few actually saw the event live.  In fact only a handful, compared to the numbers who grippingly watched it on TV. 

The airplane cabin that I rode back in from Tampa with all the other suspects.

Think about it for a minute.  We have the ability to make films in Hollywood that are convincing enough to make us believe dinosaurs exist and are eating people, as well as earth quakes, tornados and spaceships are blowing up national landmarks.  Is it so farfetched to suggest that a film could be faked and shown to millions?  Is our government capable of that?  Is it so trustworthy to be beyond suspicion? Really?  Because the government says it is true, does that make it real? 

So Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin?  Ignore the people on the ground that heard gunshots and saw smoke coming from a completely different direction?  Or what about the fact that no plane fuselage, engine or wings were found at the pentagon on 9/11?  Or the fact that the ‘plane’ that struck and killed the personnel at the pentagon were entirely the accounting department and records section for the military? 

Oh!  And let’s not forget, the third tower that collapsed hours after the WTC, which happened to be the IRS, CIA and other government agencies computer records server for all national records prior to 2000.  Interesting huh?  Or have you ever wondered how the ‘Patriot Act’ was conveniently introduced in the months that followed 9/11? 

Does it concern you that is 3000+ page document was written before 9/11 ever happened?  That’s convenient, to say the

The view outside the airplane window. Are we chasing the boogey man?

least.  The fate of America is in the hands of a mind numbed generation of people that watch TV, and learn about the world through the internet.  Our freedoms are gradually taken away with each successive generation, and soon the gripping hand of tyranny with its white knuckle clutch will strangle our transportation industry through burdensome regulation. 

 It is even more ironic to see people handed out steak knives in first class, after all that groping and screening.  Not to mention that any large muscular man who intended to take a plane by hijacking it could easily break off a tray table and beat anyone to death with it.

The approach of ‘Assume everyone is a criminal, and thus make them prove they are innocent’ is a weak and ineffective way to try to prevent a hijacking or terrorist attack in flight.  Eventually all passengers will need to be stripped naked and put in four point restraints to fly the friendly skies.  That is, as soon as the TSA realizes that someone could simply pull the emergency lever on an exit door in flight if they wanted to create havoc. 

The Israeli airport security officials have a different approach to security.  Beyond simple metal detectors, they look and screen for actual criminals and profiles of criminals rather than harass the average passenger or subject them to violations of their privacy.  They also have a success rate of actually capturing criminals and terrorists, and ensuring safety for the passengers. 

Somewhere out there is the boogey man. We were all told it was Osama Bin Laden, but he is dead, and the TSA carry on groping and radiating people. So the boogey man has not really been found.

Our TSA are not ensuring safety.  They are just committing tyranny, and hope they catch a terrorist.  In reality is a large search for the boogey man, and it appears as senseless as chasing ones shadow. 

I actually had a jar of raspberry preserves taken from me that were canned by an Amish lady I was bringing to someone as a present.  Despite my arguments that it was benign, and not a threat, they took it from me.  My wife, however,  managed to walk through with a full bottle of water, undetected. 

Raspberry jam is really a threat to national security.  Meanwhile I carried a laptop on board that if I had desired to break it open would have yielded an adequate supply of sharp computer parts to slit anyone’s throat.

The simplicity of all this is that our rights are being taken away, and the Government is doing it in such a manner that everyone goes into agreement with it and are convinced it is for their own good.  Welcome to silent Tyranny.

5 thoughts on “To the TSA, We Are All Terrorists, Until Proven Innocent… As Freedom Slowly Dies.”

  1. TK3 says:

    You are not alone. we know how you feel.

  2. John says:

    The terrorists have won. Every time some half-wit Muslim Jihadist has a wet dream about about attacking something our government grinds our Constitution a little further into the dirt.

    Welcome to America 2.0. This is not the country our founders fought and died for,; this is not the country that my father devoted his life and career to protect from WW II to Vietnam; this is not the country that tens of thousands of brave Americans have fought and died to protect.

  3. David McGraw says:

    Nice write-up if the Truther insanity was stripped out. Gulf of Tonkin was a False Flag. Iraq WMD’s were a False Flag. WTC was a terrorist attack — blowback — from years of meddling in foreign affairs that turned this nation into a target.

  4. 1amWendy says:

    Michael – may I invite you to… also and Facebook pages Boycott Flying, TSA Tyranny and We Won’t Fly.

    1. Thank you Wendy. I will check it out.

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