TSA Now Wants to Hassle You on the Road

If it is not enough that one has to endure the invasion of the TSA into your underwear packed in your suitcase when you travel on an airline, they now want to expand their efforts to the higways and roadways of America.  One such TSA program was recently launched in Tennessee.  Truckers and regular drivers can now be subject to having their entire vehicle searched if someone ‘suspects’ you of being a terrorist, and reports you to the local TSA department.  Imagine the long range impact of that! 

Not only could you have your vehicle searched, you could potentially be detained and strip searched as this woman and some passengers were simply because they ‘looked suspicious’ to another passenger.  Most likely because they were Indian or Arabic decent.  If you have avoided air travel, and have never been through this harrassment, it is coming soon to a highway near you if the Tennessee program expands to other U.S. States.

With rising unemployment across the nation, one of the things that gets overlooked in the media often is the fact that federal and state government jobs have been increasing.  In North Carolina recently, 100 new Federal Jobs were added and over 2500 State jobs.  Similar numbers are being posted by other States.  Since 2008, the Federal Government jobs have increased 3.5%, which accounts for 98,000 jobs added during the recession.  Could the future hold an increase in harrassment on our national roadways?

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