Visiting The Michigan State Capital

The Michigan State Capital Dome is a masterpiece in architecture.

This past week I visited for the first time the Michigan State Capital building in Lansing. I was amazed at the beauty of the artwork in the building. The central dome in the main lobby is quite stunning, and a marvelous piece of architecture. I love the artistic thought that went into the structure, and the craftsmanship.

I went there with the Board of Realtors, and we toured not only the

The Michigan State Capital is in Lansing.

 capital lobby, but also the Senate chambers and the House of Representatives chamber. We additionally got to visit some of the offices of our local reps and senators, and had luch with one of our district representatives and discussed local issues.

All in all it was an inspiring visit, and I walked away with a renewed interest in the working of our State government. Additionally, it was clear that there is an excitement in Lansing with the new recently elected Governor and the changes in the House and Senate. There are a lot of new Representatives and Senators, and the driving purpose seems to be to improve the conditions in Michigan and revitalize the economy.

Overall I left Lansing with a feeling of renewed hope for our State, and the coming years seem to be very bright. I hope you will enjoy seeing some of the photos I took on my visit in this blog post, and I intend to share others, including videos at a later date.

The architecture inside the Michigan State Capital is beautiful.

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