What was your favorite baseball movie?


Favorite Baseball Movies

Some of the best sports movies of all time are baseball movies.  I tend to find I gravitate towards movies that romanticize baseball, and I never tire of watching them.  Perhaps my earliest favorite baseball movies were ‘The Natural‘ with Robert Redford, and ‘Field of Dreams‘ with Kevin Costner.  However over the years, there have been many that have that special place in my heart.

Who could not love ‘The Sandlot‘ or ‘ The Rookie‘ or the recent ‘Moneyball‘ if you are an avid baseball fan?  Not to mention the other Costner greats with ‘Bull Durham‘ and ‘For the Love of the Game‘ which I watch more often than I care to mention.  Some of these movies I never grow tired of.

Baseball movies to me are exciting, and always a great form of entertainment.  This summer a new baseball movie called ‘The Million Dollar Arm‘ looks to be another great one, and it hit theaters on May 16th.  Perhaps they do not initially do well at the box office, but somehow these movies stick around as sleepers and become cult favorite baseball movies among baseball fans. Favorite baseball movies tend to stay around in memory a long time, and as I have said before I find I watch these types of movies more often than others again and again.  I also love it when I find a new one that inspires.  One suchFavorite Baseball Movies movie I watch recently that I had missed when it came out was ‘The Perfect Game‘ which chronicles the story of a little league team from a small town in Mexico that achieved the seemingly impossible dream of winning the Little League World Series.  A great movie based on a true story! Wow! So now I make a point to watch every baseball movie I can find, even the obscure ones.  I still have more to go, but I am savoring them one by one like fine wine. Watching favorite baseball movies is a great past time especially after the World Series ends in October and it is several months before spring training begins anyway.    Which is your favorite baseball movie?  Take my survey, and let your thoughts be heard.