Why be Quiet at the Grocery Store?

Grocery StoreWhy by quiet at the grocery store? Why is everyone so somber or intently quiet at the grocery store, with perhaps the exception of  the occasional child who wants to pressure their mother for a cereal or candy?  The next time you walk around the grocery store, observe people.  Some are in a sort of robotic state, others intent on getting their list filled, and still others seem sad or lost.

What would happen if you were to use this opportunity to cheering them up?  What if you were to become outrageous in public and pick up the celery and state loudly “I love celery!  Who is with me?”  Just to see their reactions.  Or perhaps jump up and down in celebration because the pickles you like are on sale?  It might snap someone out of the doldrums of life.  Just a thought.

What if you were to intently race your shopping cart down the isle?  Or make revving sounds?  Why can’t we all become kids again once in awhile and let loose.  Is the grown up world so serious?  It might seem funny to consider it, but is embarrassment really that bad?  Would it not be better to make others laugh a little, or even yourself for just a short while?  Try it next time.  Have fun while grocery shopping in new and unique ways.

photo credit: Brother O’Mara via photopin cc