You Should Give Me This Because I Want It…

In taking another look at the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters, and trying to get a grip on what they want, it leaves one quite puzzled.  Take a look at the video below of a OWS protestor who is interviewed when he was seen holding a sign that read ‘Throw me a bone.  Pay my tuition’.  The interview will surprise you, or maybe not. 

To me it is a testimony of the failed educational system.  Here is a young kid who is coming to grips with the reality that he has to pay for his tuition, and in truth he has gained no remunerative or valuable skill from all the years of college education he is engaging in.  Thus he joins a movement with hopes of someone else paying his bill, because he was foolish enough to sign on to the government enslavement of a Student Loan. 

Listen to his logic, as he tries to explain why he wants his tuition paid just like he is writing out a Christmas list:


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